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    Qlik Sense color change

    Jared Papador

      I'm not sure this is possible, but when looking at a chart and I select either "multicolored" or "by dimension" I have the option of 12 colors or 100 colors.  I want to be able to customize what those 12 colors are.  In the example below you can see that the first 3 colors are different shades of blue, lets say I want to color 1 to red, color 2 to blue and color 3 to green.  Is that possible? (The chart type is combo chart)


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          Andy Weir

          Not without significant effort,


          You can look at applying themes if you are using server edition.  Not officially supported.


          You can colour by expression if your data is presented to the chart a certain way.


          They are workarounds to what should be a customisable feature of sense which hopefully they are working on

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            Martin Mahler

            I recommend to you to create a custom theme with your own colors. Alternatively, you can also use a dynamic expression, but then you will not be able to display a corresponding legend.

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              Jared Papador

              Thanks for the answers and that is why I stayed away from an expression, the lack of a legend to define it...


              I haven't investigated themes so my knowledge here is lacking.


              What I am trying to do is create associations, for example if expression 1 is current year units, on every chart a current year count of a metric shows up I want it to be Green. 


              Whereas there might also be another chart that is count of units by type.  I don't want Exp1 here to be green because it is no longer a count by year type of chart.  Do themes give you object level control or is it an overall color scheme set where EXP1 on all charts = red, EXP2 = Blue type of deal?