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    Two month periods and sum vs PY

    Андрей Шепель

      Colleagues, good day!

      Help me please to create several fields:


      1. TwoMonthName (Jan'14-Feb'14, Mar'14-Apr'14, May'14-Jun'14, Jul'14-Aug'14, Sep'14-Oct'14, Nov'14-Dec'14,Jan'15-Feb'16)

      2. TwoMonthNameCross (Jan'14-Feb'14, Feb'14-Mar'14, Mar'14-Apr'14, Apr'14-May'14, May'14-Jun'14, Jun'14-Jul'14, Jul'14-Aug'14, Aug'14-Sep'14, Sep'14-Oct'14, Oct'14-Nov'14, Nov'14-Dec'14,Dec'14'-Jan'15, Jan'15-Feb'15...)


      Also i need to calculate sum for this periods in expr (in pivo table), and vs PY.

      There's example in source file on sheet Pivot


      For TwoMonthNameCross expr PY must be calculated by the same logic, but for period, which include months from two Years (Dec'14-Jan'15, Dec'15-Jan'16.. ) PY must calculated by following logic:

      Dec'14-Jan'15: Dec'14-Jan'15/ Dec'13-Jan'14




      Please, help!