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    Counting Ranks. I have no idea :/

      I hope this is a simple task and that it is only me having problems because I am new to qlik.



      I have 5 Products. And i have price information on that products for 3 online-shops

      ProductShop A priceShop B priceShop C price


      I choose prices which are equivalent with the ranks which would result from rRnk(-shopprice, 1, 1).


      In my fake-data (excel)

      I have no seperate field for each shop. I simply have this format:



      What i want to get is a stacked bar-chart with shops as dimension.

      The bars should stack the count of how often this shop has which rank (which price-position)


      Thus shop A is 2 times cheapest, 2 times in the middle and 1 time the most expensive.


      for now i have now idea how to count those different cases.