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    IE Plugin Qlikview 12 performance issue

    Peter Cappelle



      One of our clients has complained that since we installed the Qlikview IE plugin opening a doc and working inside of a doc has become very slow.


      So just to test we have installed 2 testservers (server 2008 R2 & server 2012 R2) on our amazon cloud. After the configuration and port forwarding we tried to connect with a few clients to the access point of this server and opening a doc.


      Strangely enough we are having the same problem?! Slow loading of the docs ans clicking inside of a doc takes a lot of seconds till it reacts.


      I read a lot of things on the community and to be clear, the port 4747 is definitely open! I can do a succesful telnet and in Wireshark i see that when opening the Qlikview doc my clients are talking to my server through port 4747


      What can be another problem why we are having a very slow responce and opening time on all of our docs in the access point?


      Just to inform, the Full browser version is working fine . !!

      Thank you for the help!