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    Qlikview mobile server

      Hi Team,


      Below is my assumption on QlikView mobile dashboard development, can you please confirm me if the deployment works differently:


      QlikView Desktop -> Setting the screen resolution to a small size as per mobile and developing the dashboards.


      Once done, do we still use the same QMC to publish and view on mobile or is there a separate mobile server to publish the reports.

      Once URL is generated, can we logon to access point and view it directly from mobile or do we have any app that can be installed?


      Please help!




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          Hirish V



          Check this,

          Know Your Users: Device Detection through Extensions


          If you want to test on your QV Desktop means,


          • Go to View menu -> Resize Windows and select the same resolution
          • Build your dashboard there, and then activate the webview mode (View menu-> Turn On WebView) to simulate the AJAX environment and see you your app will look like in a mobile browser.


          Hope this helps

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              Thanks Hirish for your response. Regarding development, I am following the same steps. I have query related to the server as mentioned above. Can you please let me know if it works the same or different

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                  Hirish V

                  If you choose the iPhone app, you need to go to the server Console (Windows startup button, All programs, QlikView, QlikView Enterprise Management Console, Documents, click on the document you want to display on mobile, and under "AccessPoint Access Methods" click "Mobile Client" as well. Apply changes and it's done in the server part.


                  There by you can access it with your credentials

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                Peter Cammaert

                A few answers to some other quesitons in your OP:


                • There is no separate server for mobile devices/clients. It's all done/displayed by the QVS.
                • There is one additional server component that allows for off-line document usage by the Apple (iPhone/iPad) client. This mode however comes with some limitations.
                • The Apple client is the only supported QlikView client application for mobile devices. You can install it (for free) from the Apple app store .All other mobile devices should use a browser to connect to the AP.
                • QlikView (with the exception of the Apple client) is not a responsive web design solution. QlikView documents will display properly on mobile devices if you design them for mobile devices. Qlik Sense on the other hand does every thing well on all sorts of devices with varying screen sizes and interfaces because it was designed from the start to behave like that..