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    Qlik Sense 2.2 automatic date handling - set analysis

    Roland Vecera



      I'm just testing the Qlik Sense 2.2 automatic date handling.

      From what I see it generates the script statement:  DECLARE FIELD DEFINITION Tagged ('$date')


      The last thing I remember about "DECLARE" is, that it has a strange behavior with SET ANALYSIS.

      From my tests SET ANALYSIS with Inline Variables I still see a strange behavior in QlikSense 2.2:


      To calculate the previous year instead of




      I had to use




      See below a sample application; Without the year-function, the variable-expression returns a date, even I interact with the year-field in Set Analysis.


      I just want to double check if this is working as designed, or is this a matter of change in future Qlik Sense releases. If so, I would have to wait before we implement this feature at customers.





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