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    Governance Dashboard - Complexity Chart not looking right?

    Tyler Waterfall

      Is your Complexity Chart not looking right?

      You are not alone.

      A bug was identified related to the Governance Dashboard 2.0's Complexity Chart.

      A fix is being tested and should be delivered soon (in 2.0.1).

      I'll keep you posted - and sorry for the bug!

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          Tyler Waterfall

          All -

          The Governance Dashboard 2.0.1 is now available! This SR1 fixes the Complexity analysis issue present in v 2.0.

          Find it on Qlik Market: QlikView Governance Dashboard

          Or on the main Qlik download site.


          No other changes here - so you can just copy the values from your current 2.0 app into the configuration and run with it.




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              Nate Brunner

              Is there an easy way to be notified when new versions are available? A mailing list or something similar?

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                    Mike Czerwonky



                    I am using the governance dashboard 2.01   I found this post by trying to decide how the complexity chart can be useful for optimizing.


                    If you were making a presentation at the Qonnection conference or a user group meeting, what would be the features and benefits of the Governance Dashboard that you would highlight in 30 to 45 minutes.


                    What are the most common performance issues that are revealed by using the governance dashboard?

                    If you were consulting for me and looking for red flags in my Qlik environment, where are you going first?


                    I have read the on-line help guides.  Hoping to get some of your expert wisdom.


                    Thanks in advance for any advice.     

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                        Tyler Waterfall

                        lubicz99 - Thanks for the question. A nice, easy, short answer question


                        From my perspective*, I would highlight the following, not necessarily in this order:

                        1. Activity / Usage trends
                          1. Users, apps, sessions trends: To understand load on system and also communicate adoption and impact of QV within the organization
                            1. How many users are using apps over time? Growing or not?
                            2. How many apps are actively being used over time?
                            3. When are the busy times (day/hour)? What's the concurrency like?
                          2. Reload activity & trends: To understand load on the system from app reload & detect problem apps or opportunities to optimize reload schedules
                            1. Which apps are reloaded most often? Which take the longest? Which are failing
                            2. Are there any trends related to reload duration or failure rate, generally or for specific tasks?
                            3. Any apps / tasks not getting reloaded recently? (Cleanup)
                        2. General Performance trends
                          1. Any trends in CPU or Memory across QV servers that should be noted or acted on?
                          2. Any server restarts impacting users?
                          3. Any trend in warning and error messages? (quantity or specific errors?)
                        3. App development & governance
                          1. App composition & Complexity: Either before pushing to production (app review) or after go live - good to review the apps to see where the complexity lies. Might be a correlation between performance (noted in CPU or annectodal from users) and app composition & complexity
                          2. Lineage: Where is the data for each app coming from? Which apps use which data sources (or QVDs)?
                          3. Definitions & field usage: Any unexpected or inconsistent metric definitions within or across apps?
                        4. Troubleshooting
                          1. "Global Search": Use the global search to search for things related to specific users, apps, or for finding specific error codes or messages.


                        * About my perspective: Introduced to QlikView (8.5) as a customer in 2008. Love at  first "Insight". Spent next 4.5 years as QV Admin & developer (all aspects) for retail company. Joined Qlik in 2012 as lead developer of QV Governance Dashboard later creating Sense Monitoring apps. I am a Qlik customer so I can relate to our outside customers, though the gap between my reality and the "real world" has widened with time.

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                          Tyler Waterfall

                          lubicz99 - I did not answer your last two questions... These are the hard ones, where my location within R&D limits how much I hear.

                          Beyond the obvious issues of RAM maxing out (or increasing rapidly, extended CPU spikes, and reload failures, I would say that much of the data presented by the Governance Dashboard is relative to the individual system (like app complexity, which is a relative measure).

                          This is where having the logs - the  history of the QV environment - collected into a searchable app comes in handy. You go from seeing one failed task in QMC to seeing the history of that task - reload duration and failures over time - and connecting that to the app with its complexity, size (rows, etc.) and data lineage.


                          Not very concrete in my response here.

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                            Tyler Waterfall

                            For what it's worth, I put this together a while back. A bit general, but might be useful.