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    Loading Google sheet into Qlik Sense

    Gabor Tarnoczai

      Hi All,


      I have an issue with loading data from gsheets.

      I've read this thread:

      How to load data from Google Drive into Qlik Sense?


      The connection is work well with the link, that mto shared, but when I'm trying my file to load I get an error message "Unsupported file format".


      Is it can be an access problem?


      The file, that I want to read isn't share with everybody, but with my user is.



        • Re: Loading Google sheet into Qlik Sense
          Gabor Tarnoczai

          I've read the full thread, and mountaindude answered why it doesn't work.


          Google is changing their various Google Drive products to a new format.

          They say "they will migrate all docs in the 2014-2015 timeframe".  So it

          could be tomorrow, could be in a year's time.



          The old Drive format allowed for having restricted access set on a doc, and

          still be able to get the doc's data via a simple http call (which could be

          done from a QV load script).


          In the new format only docs visible to everyone can be accessed that way

          (just like you had also found out).

          If you set access restrictions on a doc, for example sharing it with

          certain people, or maybe with everyone in your organisation (if you have

          Google docs for organisations), then the "old" way of retrieving the data

          from QV's load script does no longer work.


          The only way seems to be using Google's APIs to get the data.

          Which is somewhat of a pain if you do it yourself... Lot's of API calls,

          OAuth and similar things that needs to be taken care of.


          QVSource, while being an add-on that cost money, does handle all that work

          for you - and it has worked flawlessly for us so far, in this very scenario.


          It would of course be nice if Google would enable the old way of geting

          data from docs also in the new Drive file formats. Might be hard though, if

          they made the change to improve security etc. The old way of retrieving

          data was pretty insecure...