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    How to hide irrelevant values in dimensions


      I used your article for calculating Pareto :

      1.My expression is:



      = RangeSum(Above(avg(Aging_Hours_Dashboard*60), 0, RowNo()))

      3.Inclusive Percentage

      RangeSum(Above(Sum(Aging_Hours_Dashboard*60), 0, RowNo())) / Sum(total Aging_Hours_Dashboard*60)

      4.Exclusive Percentage

      = RangeSum(Above(Sum(Aging_Hours_Dashboard*60), 1, RowNo())) / Sum(total Aging_Hours_Dashboard*60)

      4.Pareto Class

      = if ([Exclusive Percentage]>0.02 and [Exclusive Percentage]<0.98,avg(Aging_Hours_Dashboard*60))


      My dimension is Reason Code.

      So I want to present bar chart only for the last column - Pareto Class.

      I hid the previous three columns.

      BUT: I don't know how to present only relevant dimensions values as also those dimensions for which Exclusive Percentage<=0.02 appear in the graph with NULL values. supress NULL values does not help as it refers to all column and i am interested only in Pareto class column as measurement.