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    Visualization only reacting to custom filter pane



      I encounter a strange problem when i make a selection from a filter pane which i edited to only show curtain values, the expression looks like this:

      if(Match([Field1],’Text1’ ,'Text2’,' Text3',' Text4',' Text5',' Text6'),[Field1])

      The filter pane looks right and I can also make the right selections.

      Then I have a line chart with 6 different lines, which all is related to the “Textx”, in the filter pane. The expression for one of them looks like this:

      ((sum({$<Type={‘Type1’},Year={'2015'},[Field1]={‘Text1‘}>} Data )-sum({$<Type={'Type1’},Year={'2014'},[Field1]={‘Text2’}>} Data))/sum({$<Type={‘Type1’},Year={'2014'},[Field1]={‘Text2’}>} Data ))

      Field1 and Text1 and Text2 is both equal to the ones in the filter pane, and when I make an selection in the filter pane the visualization reacts as intended.

      The problem begins when I make a selection in a filter pane on another sheet with Field1 (as in the custom filter pane) as dimension but this filter pane is not custom made to only have the 6 values. Whenever I select something in this filter pane the line charts with the 6 different lines does not react and a selection is not made in the custom made filter pane.

      Anyone know what is causing this?