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    Where to put 'qType' in the hypercube definition

      When using the code created from the dev-hub, one cannot specify the qType for the measures.

      Neither is the qType key (with default U) visible in the created code.


      My question is:

      Where must I put this qType attribute in the definition?

      It must be somewhere here. (but where, with which 'parent' node) ?



        "qLabel": "Top 1 Preis",

        "qLibraryId": "Ljymc",

        "qSortBy": {

        "qSortByState": 0,

        "qSortByFrequency": 0,

        "qSortByNumeric": 0,

        "qSortByAscii": 1,

        "qSortByLoadOrder": 0,

        "qSortByExpression": 0,

        "qExpression": {

        "qv": " "