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    problems with date variable in set analysis

    Neil Deeley

      Hi there,

      I've created a variable in using the variables interface to display todays date minus 30 days, called vToday:




      When I output this variable to a text box there's no problem displaying the date (tho I need to format it to see the date rather than the numerical value of the date:




      However, when I try to use this variable in set analysis, QlikSense displays no results. A hard coded date does:




      The syntax I am using is:


      count({$<Date={'>=22/02/2016'}>} AlarmCount)


      count({$<Date={'>=$(vTodaysDate)'}>} AlarmCount)

      In the data load editor my date format is set to SET DateFormat='DD/MM/YYYY'

      It must be the formatting of the date in the variable, but I have tried date(Today()-30, 'DD/MM/YYYY') and there is no difference.

      It's driving me mad...any help greatfully received.