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    Unable to login to access point after domain change

    ravindraa ravindraa

      Dear Friends


      We have undergone a change in our domain name recently.

      Post which users are not able to login to access point.

      Earlier we were using abcd\employeenumber as our username. Now we have pqrs as our domain.

      We have provided the path LDAP://pqrs.in  in the systems -> tab of QMC.


      When we try to provide the document CALs n User Document tab for a document if we search a particular EmpNumber ,it shows up. (This shows we are able to connect to the Active Directory and assign the CALs to the user) But domain name is not displayed, only the employeenumber is displayed.

      Now when the user tries to login to access point the username and password goes blank.


      Kindly help if we are missing any steps to allow access for the users to access point.

      Kindly let me know if any more information is required .


      Thanks & Regards