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    Passing a value from qliksense to .net application.

    kvp kumar

      Hi Experts,

      I was new implementing the qliksense visualization into .net Application.

      I am integrating the Qliksense visualization into the .net application .I am able to show the widget in the .net application .

      But I was structured in applying the filter in both ways .

      i.e when I make a selection in the qliksense , the same value should be highlighted or selected in the .net application.

      as well as when I make a selection in the .net application same value should be highlighted into the qliksense.

      When I make a selection in  individual , the selection was highlighted .


      My question , Is it possible to have two-way filtering in the application.If possible how we can achieve it?


      Please,Can anyone help me how to resolve this.



      Thanks in advance

      Kumar KVP