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    Qlik Sense Extension - Timeline (by Ralph Becher)

    Christoph Schlunegger

      Dear all


      I'm trying to implement in Qlik Sense an app for project management and used the wonderful Qlik Sense extension/Timeline provided by Ralph Becher. The only downside so far is that this extension needs a strict input format, that is a table labelled Data with the fields id, content, start, end, type, color and group.


      // Data for the Time Line Graph and Time Management Worksheet


      //LOAD *

      //FROM [lib://xImport_095ProjectManagement (ltvintra_ltv20849)/Data.qvd] (qvd);


          %ToDoID                                                                                     as id,

          TaskName                                                                                    as content,

          Timestamp(date#(ToDoStartDate))                                                             as start,

          if( ISNULL(ToDoEndDate),Timestamp(date#(ToDoDueDate)),Timestamp(date#(ToDoEndDate)) )       as end,

          _ItemType                                                                                   as type,

          ColorClass                                                                                  as color,

          ToDoDescription                                                                             as group

      FROM [lib://xImport_095ProjectManagement/ProjectManagement4Qlik_qvdtodos.qvd] (qvd)

      WHERE %ToDoID >=1000;

      Now I would very much like to "attach" the data field "start" to a master calendar in order to qlik/select a certain time period for all the worksheets, including the timeline graph. However, the graph shows a "rendering error" when any data field from the table Data is linked to any other tables.


      Does anyone know how to "tweak" the extension, e.g. introduce an additional data field Datum_Kal (which is not used in any function to render the graph) or to link start directly to the master calendar?


      Thanx and best regards