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    Convert datetime serial number

    Johann Bauer

      Hi community,

      this is my first post so try to be gentle .


      I am new to qlik Sense and doesnt have any experience with qlik view so far.

      My problem is that I cant convert a datetime serial number into a date again:


      I am importing an excel file with a date format like 01.01.2106, it looks like qlik sense automaticly cast this format into his own

      datetime serial format. After the load i transform the table into crosstable my table looks like this:

      42370Some Random Text10
      Some Random Text

      Now I tried to load the resident table with some a converted date.

      My script looks like this:



      Date(MonthName) as Date, // also tried Date(MonthName,'DD/MM/YYYY') as Date



      Resident TempBudget ;


      But im only getting a empty column.


      I hope there is an easy way to do this.