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    selectively compute totals for columns in a table



      I have multiple columns in a table, one of which is total sales that needs to have total sales for all the products (rows) shown as the 1st row and sales of each of the products in the rows under that column.


      There is another column average sales in which I don't need to apply the total or average or any of the aggregates but just show - instead.


      It looked like a very simple think to do by choosing None from the Total function dropdown. However despite selecting none it is still showing some aggregate value of 55.85.


      Can someone suggest what might wrong here?



      Avg. cost.PNG

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          Oleg Troyansky



          you posted in a QlikView forum, but your image suggests that you work with Qlik Sense :-) I'll respond to your question as it pertains to Qlik Sense...


          I tested a similar scenario, and it looks to me like a bug:


          - when all Measures have Total Mode = "None", then the total row disappears.

          - when some Measures require Totals and some don't, it looks like all totals are displayed.


          First of all, please take a moment to report the bug using the regular channels. As a work-around to your problem, you can condition your Measure by the value of Dimensionality() being > 0 (Dimensionality() = 0 at the total level). Something like the following will work:


          if(Dimensionality() > 0,

               sum([YTD Sales Amount])

          , '')



          Oleg Troyansky

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