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    Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

      Hi Folks

      Can anyone please help me obtain / point me in correct direction for - Qlikview Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide.

      If no such document exists then, anyone who has installed the same, can share their experience or lessons learnt.

      Thank you in advance.



        • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

          Hi There!

          Just recently installed myself! The location should be as follows:

          C:\Program Files\QlikView\Documentation

          Hope this helps...

          EDIT: Also, you can download it from your download page if you havent performed the install yet.


            • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

              Hi Jon

              You may think I may be naive, but I have downloaed Qlikview v9.00.7502.8 SR5 and have been using it as Personal Edition which was downloaded from "Download" Section

              Do you mean, that same is the server version ??? or is there any other SBE server specific download?

              Thank you


                • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide
                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                  Hello Sap,

                  What you have downloaded is QlikView Desktop. It's used to develop QlikView applications and run them in and "standalone" environment.

                  There is a QlikView Server with its own documentation which you may not be able to download. If that's the case, contact your QlikView sales representative and ask him, since QlikView Server doesn't work with Personal Edition or unlicensed (I mean, you can access the interface, but you cannot reload, schedule tasks or perform any other actions for what the Server is intended).

                  There are three ways to check documents on server: Ajax, (don't require further downloads), Internet Explorer Plug-in (you need to download it) and Java. The latter will be discontinued in the next version 10.

                  There are several licensing types for Server, depending on the use, documents and users you will have in your company.

                  Hope that helps.

                    • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

                      Hey Miguel

                      Thank you very much for clearing the air. You are correct, I understoon to have downloaded Qlikview Desktop and have developed a lot of dashboards which my company recons worth it and in process of ordering qlikview SBE server.

                      My qlikview rep advised me that once they have recevieved our order they will issue me with licenses for the server and other CALS as required and all I have to do is to download software from their site, that's what puzzled me, as I can't find it anywhere, any download for SBE Server. You may say, wait for the instruction to come from qliktech, however I may or may not buy from them and my have to resort to one of their partner which may charge me for deployment, which I am not too keen on paying. I am confident enough to do deployment myself as I have deployed / upgraded MS SQL Server 2008 r2 just a month ago without any hickup so, I can't see this being a bigger deal. So, just would like to perform a dummy deployment to test the water, if its too complicated, I may have to end up paying for the deployment.

                      Whats your opinion ?? or anyone else who have deployed it successfully.

                      Thank you guys.


                        • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide
                          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                          Hi Sap,

                          I'd say that is worth it. I'd say as well that, since the installation process alone is quite simple, you just have to take a look at the tags and subjects on this forum to see that, apart from design issues and requests for comments, there are a lot of things related to the server.

                          Is my personal view, though, that I miss so much a more complete reference and guide for the server. I'll start testing Server 10 in the next few days, since AJAX performance and design is certainly improved, but also because the Server lacks of many useful tools (just to mention license management and security).

                          If you are an IT guy you will find out what's going on when issues arise. If you are not, it may be quite cryptic, not for the management interface (you know what a timeout is or you don't) but for the logic of the server itself ("pgo" appears just once within the 342 manual pages).

                          Like everything, the most you want to get from it, the more problems will come up. Both Support and the Forums are worthy sources of knowledge and help.

                          All the above, once again, in my very personal opinion and experience.

                            • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

                              Hi Miguel,

                              Much appreciated. It's good to hear from people who have been using this for a while.

                              As far as my expertise, well I am a chartered accountant with systems head and would consider myself to be a SAP consultant and sort of solution architect. I am sort of a link between IT and Finance professionals. I do know what timeout is but wouldn't call myself a hard coding programmer, I had such days and I have moved on from there.

                              Having read your comment, It kind of gave me bit of a feeling that, although I have been well impressed by Qlikview, there are some issues which still needs ironing out. At present I will be deploying this on a small scale and see if the uptake is good within the company then may look to roll out further. We are planning to roll out to few decentralised team via web (probably IE) - zero footprint. Have you come across any problem with that? What should I be mindful or looking out for the same.

                              Thank you once again



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                                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                                  Hi Sap,

                                  We are developing and supporting both IE Plugin and AJAX, but I would recommend by far (for the time being) the IE Plugin. Yesterday I attended a webinar with some new features in the AJAX client and is far better than the existing one, so I don't rule out move our clients in the near future to AJAX alone.

                                  Since the actual information they are seeing is a webpage, the maintenance is easier, as the Server manages all licenses, accesses, permissions and so, specially in AJAX, because you don't need any additional software to be installed on to the client's computer. Anyway, the plugin can be distributed via Windows policies, and it's quite simple (and silent) provided the active directory and domain is working fine. At the end of the day you only have to send to the client a URL, and that's all.

                                  Besides, all rendering of AJAX objects is done by the Server, so one application alone is viewable in ajax, plugin and desktop.

                                  But as I mentioned above, I still miss some features to make this easier to manage, from the system administrator point of view. I haven't checked the interfaces of new QV 10 Server, and some of these features are likely to be there (I'm pretty sure that developers will be happier with the new script editor and designers with the new container objects).

                                  The SAP Connector is being enhanced nicely (I'm not a SAP expert). Version 5.5 retrieves information directly from Queries or Reports, which can add speed and performance to your deployments and make easier the QlikView application development process. I wish QlikView had similar connectors for Microsoft Navision, for instance!

                                  In short: welcome to the QlikView world!

                                    • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

                                      Big Smile

                                      Thank you very very much Miguel. Really do appreciate your very very informative answer.

                                      I think, you have clarified most of my queries, which would have really bugged me otherwise.

                                      I don't know, which version we will be able to get, hopefully v10 would be ideal as you mentioned it tries to overcome some of the v9 issues.

                                      I may pester you again when I will be connecting my Sql Server Analysis service to report from Cubes.

                                      Thank you.



                                        • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide

                                          Does anyone know the server requirements? I want to install the Small Business Edition on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit and would like to know RAM and disk requirements...

                                            • Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide
                                              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                                              Copy & paste from Server Reference Manual

                                              2.1 System Requirements

                                              In order to successfully install and run the QlikView Server/Publisher, the following basic requirements must be met by the system:

                                              Hardware and Software

                                              • 1 GHz (x86 processor) or 1.4 GHz (x64 processor). 2 GHz or faster, with several cores/processors recommended.

                                              • QlikView Server will use the color settings of the Windows server where it runs when sending charts and other graphics to the client. For best results, the color palette on the Windows server should be set to at least 65,536 col- ors (16 bit).

                                              • a mouse or an equivalent pointing device supported by Microsoft Windows. • (optional) a DVD drive for DVD-based install media only. • a hard disk with at least 450 MB of free disk space.

                                              • 1 GB RAM minimum on x86 systems and 4GB minimum on X64 systems. The server's capacity to publish QlikView documents and the number of users who concurrently can connect to it are strongly related to the amount of RAM available.

                                              • An http server for providing AJAX ZFC solutions to end users (e.g. MS Internet Information Services (IIS) or the built-in QVWebServer). Microsoft IIS or the built-in web server is required when using tunneling, external authentication or NT security with the AJAX Zero-Footprint client.

                                              • TCP/IP Network. • Microsoft .NET 3.5.

                                              Actual requirements will vary, based on system configurations. It is recom- mended that you work with your local QlikView representative to configure an appropriate hardware platform for your QlikView Server/Publisher requirements.

                                              • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later, Firefox 3 or Google Chrome to use QlikView Management Console.

                                              Supported Operating Systems

                                              • Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 TM including x64 Edition QlikView Server/Publisher 19

                                              I• Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 TM including x64 Edition

                                              • Microsoft® Windows XPTM including x64 Edition*

                                              • Microsoft® Windows VistaTM including x64 Edition*

                                              • Microsoft® Windows 7 including x64 Edition* *Recommended for development and testing purposes only.

                            • Re: Small Business Edition Server Installation Guide
                              Anil Samineni

                              Sap Help,


                              Did you find the solution?


                              Still i am having doubt, like i don't know how to download the QlikView Server Small Business Edition.


                              Bit confusing, Where i have to start..


                              Can you please share me the link which you have step-by-step.


                              I appreciate for your help..