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    In Qliksense Server deployment, naming of .qvf is nonlinear physically

    Sunil Panda

      Hi Guys,


      I work in both Qlikview and QlikSense. In Qlikview as we faced somewhat issues with Version control, i thought it is going to be handled in QlikSense and further QV12 realease. i hope it will.


      But in QlikSense i have feedback of having a non linear .qvf app naming at the physical location. Why so? We can keep the same .qvf name ,if needed we can have version control here. but why a alphanumeric name(i think it is termed as GUID).


      Is it so, to make the Sense more complicated and time consuming after the overall time consuming development of complex reports?


      I appreciate the reply to these .


      Best Regards