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    Command line error

    Pieter Boots

      In my organisation we are try to schedule qlikview jobs using a specialized scheduler software.

      We are using the following command line text: "QV /r @uurloon.qvw" to execute a qlikview job.

      An admin account is used to execute the commandline Qlikview Job.

      The Admin account has also been added to the qlikview licences .

      The Qlikview Services are running under the same admin account.

      But after the commandline job has been executed we still get an error:

      "This File is Recognized as one your own. However we must update the key in the document to reflect changes to your Personal edition since you created this document.

      The document will now be updated and loaded without any data. After the operation completes. please Save the document and then perform a reload."

      If the same job is run using a different user account no error wil show.

      What do we have to do for this error to disappear?


        • Command line error


          Apparently your admin account does not have an license You need a license or it will run as personal edition.


            • Command line error
              Pieter Boots

              our Admin account does have a license no.

              Weeks ago we have used the account without a license. Could it be that these settings are stored in the registry or in the documents and settings somewhere?

              I notice that the admin account was added to the document CALS of this specific qlikview Job.

              Removing the document cal did solve the problem for this job. But I am not totaly confident it won't show up again.

              am I on the right track?