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    Access point Security/Access

    Siddharth Kulkarni


      How do I restrict access to access point for a particular user? Again, I am not talking of file based security through QMC or QEMC

      E.g: If sdqlvw002 is the box, and the particlular user tries the URL http://sdqlvw002/Qlikview/# ,


      He should not see any files/ Access should be denied. Has any one worked on this? Please suggest!

        • Access point Security/Access
          Sathish G

          Hi Siddharth,

          U want to restrict the users in acess point?

          Example: u have 5 application, user A wants to c 1 application in access point it self?


            • Access point Security/Access
              Siddharth Kulkarni


              Usually, what happens in access point is that, the user can see all files, but when he clicks on a particular file, access is granted/denied based on security settings set up in publisher for that file and user


              When the user A goes to the access point URL, he should not see any files in the 1st place.


              I know there is a login option for access point in QEMC settings.Have you ever used it. How does it work? Does the user need to log in again? what kind of login credentials are required there?




                • Access point Security/Access
                  Sathish G

                  Hi Siddharth,

                  what I suggest for ur requirement,


                  if u have 2 app in access point

                  1) Finance.qvw 2)Manufacturing.qvw

                  and total 5 users(a,b,c,d,e) if user a,b wants see the application Finance only(In access point itself)


                  go to that application right click-->Properties-->Security

                  In Security tab, u ll c the user names

                  select Advance button

                  and unselect Inherit from parent permission

                  after select copy then select apply

                  this is for usera,b c only finance application in acess point itself.

                  I hope it ll helpful for u