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    Change colour by clicking



      It's pobbile to change the colour of bar in a barchart by clicking with the mouse?

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Marco,


          The user can change some parameters of color i chart at exploration menu.

          2016-05-09 21_00_46-Qlik Sense Desktop.png2016-05-09 21_00_57-Qlik Sense Desktop.png2016-05-09 21_00_57-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

          I don't think think this is what you're looking for.


          Or you can make a button  (with extension) that manipulate a variable, and this variable manipulate the color of charts through color function.


          +1 extra funfact: Did you know that, you can make the pie chart spinning around by using the mouse-wheel?