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    Section Access - *(all) and Multiple listings not working with conditional show

    Rodrick Gilliam

      Ok, Im trying to work on setting up Section Access. When I load my document I have 4 sheets. Main with no Condition. And the other 3 with the condition, SECURE = 'LEVEL1', etc... for each level listed below. When I test what I have created below, the only one that works properly is Ann can see the main sheet, and the LEVEL2 sheet. For Brent and Rodrick, all I can see if the sheet with no conditional set.



      Section Access;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      USER, BRENT, 1234, LEVEL1
      USER, RODRICK, 1234, *
      USER, BRENT, 1234, LEVEL3
      USER, ANN, 1234, LEVEL2
      Section Application;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      LEVEL1, 1
      LEVEL2, 2
      LEVEL3, 3


      EDIT: After being unable to have multiple conditionals work, I tried using QVuser(). That doesn't work either. If I set it to just 1 user in the conditional it works. If I try to use multiple users in the conditional it shows all sheets this way. So both angles that I am trying to tackle this issue with give results are the opposite ends of the spectrum.