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    Conditional based display of Traffic Lights in data

      I have this task in hand since quite sometime now and it still remains only half solved. Coordinated with some experienced Qlikview developers in my team as well but they haven't been able to crack this completely either over the last 2 days. I had posted this issue earlier over here as well but it remained unresolved as i didn't attach the Table files or qvw.


      I am attaching the Table File that goes in QV & the qvw as well with the full explanation of the issue in hand.


      The problem is as follows,




      In the above chart every Market has a calculated field for 6 months.


      Taking Belgium Market as an example(It needs to be done similarly for all Markets)

      What needs to be done is mentioned below step by step taking Belgium Market as an example:

      1)Find the Average(Maximum 3 Nos) & Average of (Minimum 2 nos.) at individual Market level and use these as a Benchmark

      2)In case of Belgium it will be Average of (2.8%,0.8%,0.6%) = 1.53% as these are the maximum 3 nos. in Belgium & Average of (0.5%,0.5%) = 0.5% as these are the minimum 2 nos. here.

      3)Any of the nos. >=1.53% should be shown in green , Any nos. <=0.5% shown be shown in red , Any nos. between 1.53% & 0.5% should be shown in yellow.



      Result should look like this for Belgium for instance:



      Following is half the solution i have in hand.It is not exactly a complete solution as explained further :

      Average of Minimum 2 Nos. for Belgium:-



      Average of Maximum 3 Nos. for Belgium:-



      In this case the above solution works perfectly BUT ONLY IF  "Numbers" is a simple numeric column in the data. In my case however all 6 values for every Market are calculated and not straight forward numbers !