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    Map Object don't load all areas

    Jordi Gonzalez



      I'm trying to load different KMLs in my app. I know that the Map Object have a limitation between 1000 and 3000 polygons. Am I right? Just to try I wanna show 1100 zip codes.

      First, I load an island table with 2 fields: ZipCode and Area. Then I add a map with my Area and ZipCode fields with no measures and I can see the entire map.

      Now I want to join the table to my data model using ZipCode as Keyfield but now, the same map, only shows a part of it.

      Any idea why is doing this?

      Thank's in advance

      UPDATE: I attach three images for a better understanding.

      Map1.png: Is my target. I only see this map if I load the table as an island.

      Map2.png: Is the result of join the island table to my model using ZipCode as a Keyfield.

      Map3.png  Is the map using Left Keep to my facts table. As you can see there are a few blank regions, these are the regions that aren't in my model. I used Left Keep to be sure that al ZipCodes have a match in my model.