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    Is it possible to "link" the result of a loading task in QlikView (Publisher) to a reloading task in QlikSense?

      Hi everyone,


      We have an app in QlikSense that is using the data model from QlikView, we are doing a binary import from a QlikView Data model to QlikSense.


      This is working fine, but now we need to be sure that once this QlikView application is loaded correctly (Publisher) , we should trigger a reloading task in QlikSense. Currently, what we are doing is realoading a QlikSense app every day at 8:30 am. but we do not control if the QlikView reloading task is working well or not , therefore if the reloading result in QlikView delays or there is any problem the data in QlikSense is not exactly the same. We need to have both applications in QlikView and QlikSense synchronized. 


      My question here is : Is it possible to "link" or create a reloading task in QlikSense or QlikView (Publisher)  triggered if the reloading task is successful?


      Thanks a lot !