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    Qlikview 10 Plugin AJax Zero footprint Export to Excel not working

    Michael Jordan

      Hi all,

      Yesterday we upgraded our server from Qlikiew SBE 9.0 to Qlikview EE 10. Now we have kept AJAX Zero footprint as our default access specifier. But with AJAX Zero whenever any user tries to export it to Excel it pops up a window "The requested content is opened in another window. If not Press here" . But it never opens user needs to explicitly click on the "Press here" link & need to export it. How to avoid this. Also there are lot of problems using Qlikview 10 like it does not gives consistent look & Feel. The dashboard chart's , lists etc comes distorted sometimes. Again if we try to use IE links the links don't work without opening the Accesspoint. If accesspoint is opened the same links work with IE but without IE plugin it doesn't work. And our user's are used to accessing the links from sharepoint, so that is again a problem. Please suggest . Thanks in advance.