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    Displaying rows multiple times in Table

    Supriya R

      I am trying to display datas from database,i have displayed three column rows from same table it is working fine,Now i need to add a quick_tips_client_id from USERS table,if i had quick_tips_client_id  to it,Rows getting repeated or unique_user_id gets repeated for same quick_tips_client_id ,even if that user is not under that client.


      I have checked database,one unique_user_id has single client.Please help me on this.I am very new to qliksense.


      I have attached my working sample, Please  check into that.

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Supriya,


          I didn't check the attached qvf, but it can be some reason:


          • Underlying data set. The user table and the other table have one to many relationship.
          • At the visualisation you are choosing so dimensions that have one to many relationship.
          • The relationship beetween tables isn't definied (check  the data model viewer), I don't know, if it can be a problem with dimensions, with measure it is sure a problem.



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              Supriya R

              Hi undergrinder ,


              Thanks for your reply.


              In my sample i am using 3 kind of tables

              1.)user table - table using for purpose to get details from quicktips table according to user_id,here each user as clients and each client have different user.

              2.)client table - to get client id for users

              3.)quicktips tables - get details according to user_id from quick tips table.


              Here each client will be  having  different user.so there is no one to many relationship,as every user_id will be having its client and getting details according to user_id.


              Please look into qvf file and please help me on this