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    Error in expression: ')' expected

    Alec Brown

      Hi all,


      Just signed up as the above error is driving me crazy. Fairly new to Qlik but I've been through what I can from searching the answer and nothings worked so far. Hoping its something simple!


      I've loaded my 2 sets of data into a temp table (tmp) and now looking to bring that back with some extra calculations tagged on.


      currently have the below:










      BusinessUnitName as [Business],

      [Description] as [PY BusType],

      if(BusType = 'Renewal', addyears([EffectiveDate],1), EffectiveDate) as [Effective Date],




      PCL as PremiumCredit,



      if(BusType = 'Renewal', if(TermCode <> 'canc-led',1, if(Termcode is NULL,1,0)), if Termcode IS NULL,1,0) as [Invited]

      // if((termcode is null or (termcode = 'MTC')) and BusType = 'Renewal', 1, 0) as [Renewed],

      // if(TermCode = 'Canc-led', 1, 0) as [Cancelled],

      // if(TermCode = 'Lapsed', 1, 0) as [Lapsed]


      resident tmp;


      drop Table tmp;



      The 4th if statement from the bottom if the one giving me issues. Originally this was something like

      IF ((BusType = 'Renewal' and TermCode <> 'canc-led') or Termcode is NULL, 1, 0) as [Invited]

      but it didn't seem to like the 'and' in the statement so following some reading I made it a nested if.


      I don't think I've missed any ')' in there.. The other commented out if statements will need to be added too but I'm tackling one at a time so I know where my culprits are! (if there's anything wrong with those anyone can spot please let me know too)


      Thanks everyone!