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    Expression as a variable with $-sign expansion

      I have a Pivot Table Chart with four different expressions.

      Chart working.png

      I want to change this chart in a way that it only shows one expression and I can choose the desired calculation (expression) with a button. Therefore I put the expressions in four variables.


      Set DefLOGC=    Count( { $ <LOGC]={‘J’}, [TACTISCH_BEGIN]=P(Date)> } Distinct ID_ODK );

      Set DefOV=         Count( { $ <LOGC]={‘N’}, [TACTISCH_BEGIN]=P(Date)> } Distinct ID_ODK );

      Set DefTOTAAL= Count( { $ <LOGC]={‘*’}, [TACTISCH_BEGIN]=P(Date)> } Distinct ID_ODK );

      Set DefVA=         Count( { $ <[VA]={‘J’}> *

                 <[PARKET_CODE]={94}, [VA_BEGIN]=P(Date)> +

                 <[PARKET_CODE]={94}, [VA_EIND]=P(Date)> +



                              [VA_EIND]={‘>=$(=MakeDate(Min(Year)))’}> }

               Distinct ID_ODK );


      The button stores the name of the definition (DefLOGC, DefOV, DefTOTAAL or DefVA) in a variable vDef. In the chart I use the expression $(=$(vDef)). This works for the variables (expressions)  DefLOGC, DefOV and DefTOTAAL, but not for DefVA.

      Chart not working.png

      I suppose it has to do with the use of $-sign expansions in the expression, if stored as a variable. It makes no difference if I put double quotes (“”) around the expressions. I have read discussions and blogs on Qlik Community and elsewhere, but can not find a working solution for this problem. I am running out of ideas. Anyone else?


      I am using QlikView Version 11.20 SR10 (64-bit)