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    data match/mismatch comparison from 2 different tables

    Prem Prakash

      I have a requirement where I need to build a solution of data comparison from 2 different systems. Its basically a data migration from 2 systems. The data from system A getting updated in System B. The extract from System A extract will be delta on daily basis and need to be compared with System B data which need to be in Sync. There are chances that multiple fields may have wrongly updated or missed during the course of migration to system B. I need to develop an app which compare the data mismatch from Stem B wrt to system A. There may be chances that 100 records sent from Sys A and only 70 records getting updated. And next day after the data fix, there may 2nd day data plus the fixed data gets updated in System B.


      Can you please suggest the best approach which can help me getting this developed in QlikSense. I believe, if its the same number of records and same records gets into both system with unique transaction id, we can compare one to one in same row. But id there is missing records or more records, I doubt over the solution.


      Please help.