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    Need Correction

    Darmawan Suria


      Anyone can correct my Measure?

      I just want to Sum Top 10 Rank.

      The Result is OK, if I select a Year_Month, but if I don't select any Year_Month, the Result is incorrect.

      This is my Measure:

      Sum({<CUST_NAME = {"=Rank(Sum(BALANCE_IDR_DPK))<=10"}>} BALANCE_IDR_DPK)/1000000000

      I need to add Max(MONTHYEAR) into that measure.

      I try to create the measure like this, but it seem not working.

      Sum({<CUST_NAME = {"=Rank(Sum({$<MONTHYEAR = {"$(=max(MONTHYEAR))"}>} BALANCE_IDR_DPK))<=10"}>} BALANCE_IDR_DPK)/1000000000