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    Data Errors that need correction in script

    Jacob Salas

      Hello all,


      I Hope there is an easy solution to this problem.


      So I am trying to change the Type of a clock-in. We have people who clock in to the wrong type occasionally, and i want the S to change to R.  the reason is because after the machine has been Set-up (S) then they should clock into run (R).  so anything after the first R I want to be considered as R.  This table is pulled from The database so I really can't go in manually and make those changes.


      Thank you.


      The example is as follows:

      LOAD * INLINE [

      Location, Hours, Type

      Cut, 1, R

      Machine,1.5, S

      Machine,1, S

      Machine,10, R

      Machine,5, S

      Machine, 8, S

      Machine,3, R


      Paint, 1, S

      Paint, 3, R



      I would like to change into this:

      LOAD * INLINE [

      Location, Hours, Type, Type_Rev

      Cut, 1, R, R

      Machine,1.5, S, S

      Machine,1, S, S

      Machine,10, R, R

      Machine,5, S, R

      Machine, 8, S, R

      Machine,3, R, R

      Machine,9,S, R

      Paint, 1, S, S

      Paint, 3, R, R