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    Create Excel Files via Macro on QlikView Server

      Hey all,


      I was searching the forum, but couldn't find a related post to my question. I really hope you can help me.


      Here is the situation: The user clicks on a button. The button triggers a macro opens an excel file on our server, edits it and after that saves it into a specific folder. This works really fine with QlikView Desktop. But on our QlikView Server the macro does absolutely nothing. It never creates an Excel.Application Object nor does it save an excel file into a folder.

      This is a short vbscript code just for testing:

      Sub test

      Set xls = CreateObject("EXCEL.APPLICATION")

      Set wb = xls.Workbooks.Open ("D:\Mediaplanvorlagen\Mediaplan Vorlage_SollIst.xls")
      xls.Visible = true

      xls.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "D:\Mediaplan.xls"

      End Sub


      Excel is installed on the server. We use the QlikView server version 10.0 x64. "Allow macro execution on server" and "Allow unsafe macro execution on server" are both enabled.

      Can anyone test the code above with some example excel-files? Or is there any reason why it doesn't work?