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    <result><message text="Empty response" /></result> when exporting to Excel in QV Access Point

      This issue started when we upgraded from QV9 to QV10. At first the issue was intermittent, but over a month or so, during which usage increased somewhat, the problem started to happen more often than not. Still, a second attempt would often be successful. Now, however, we get the excel file saying <result><message text="Empty response" /></result> every time we attempt an export using IE7, 8 or 9; Firefox 3.5, 3.6 and 4; and Chrome 12.x. However, if a user logs into one of our QV servers and opens a report with the desktop client, even if it is stored remotely, they will succeed every time...in fact, the export to excel is about the only thing that happens quickly in QV, even for our largest reports. We've had issues with support, and our most experienced QV admin is abroad for a few weeks. Any suggestions? Please feel free to request more info about our environment if needed.