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    QlikSense: Dev to Test to Prod

    Bill Markham



      Does anyone have any suggestions / links re best practices a QlikSense Dev to Test to Prod development process ?



      Many Thanks,     Bill

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          Camillo Rospigliosi

          Hi Bill,

          I am setting up a similar architecture. I'm on Qlik Sense version


          I will create two separate sites:

          1. A central node with a "Qlik Sense Enterprise Test Site Limited 10" license, that will be used as development and test site;

          2. A central node with a "Qlik Sense Prod Site" license, that will be obviously used as production site..


          The process to promote an App from test to production is really unconfortable:

          Copy the qvf on a local folder and make an import from the production QMC.


          i hope there is a better solution!




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            Stephen Egerton

            We use in4bi Platform Manager for QlikView. Works great. Eventually we may use Platform Manger for Qlik Sense as well. For now, we're performing development in a development node within a production site. We only sync unpublished apps between the dev node and the central node. Once published, apps are synched with all nodes and load balanced across the two rim nodes. We have a mirror image of this environment that we use for upgrade and extension testing.


            Here's our change process:

            qs change flow.JPG

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                Jeroen Gerritsen

                Hi Steve,


                Thanks for your explanation and for the picture. I'm glad that your satisfied with Platform Manager for QlikView. Do you know that Platform Manager provides the same functionality for Qlik Sense? And that you can work with both solutions from a single implementation? That allows you also to see a Lineage where Qlik Sense apps use a QVD that's been generated by a QVW. Very powerful and useful and the versioning and deployment works integrated with your Qlik Sense servers. Happy to give you a demo anytime.




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                    Stephen Egerton

                    Hello Jeroen!


                    As you and Martin know, I'm a big fan of Platform Manager. One feature that you didn't mention is Global Search. I use that all the time to find where our sensitive data lives.. We will look into using Platform Manager for Qlik Sense as well in the future when we have our long term Qlik licensing and architecture finalized. The process flow I attached is for those who don't have an idea of where to start when you don't have Platform Manager and you're developing in a production site.




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                  Phaneendra Kunche

                  This is how i am doing it now using sync rules and node purpose features.


                  3 clustered machines. you can add additional nodes if there is a need


                  1 - DEV

                  2- PROD



                  DEV - Create a sync rule not to copy apps from production streams. And add node purpose as development. I believe this will hold only copies in "My Work" stream. Also i would suggest to add a new virtual proxy and name it as something like "DEV" so you can access using --> h ttps://<address>/hub/DEV

                  This way all app creations/modifications will do directly to DEV box and not to PROD boxes, and RAM consumption will be on DEV box only when ppl do the development.


                  PROD -- There is not much control on here and this will act as a central and it copies all apps even from my work, but that's ok. Here add node purpose as both/production. it doesn;t matter even if you have added this as both. since above sync rule from DEV and virtual proxy for DEV will take care. and here users will be accessing through a regular virtual proxy meaning h ttps://<address>/hub


                  TEST -- i dont have a seperate node for this, but rather i am using a stream called "QA_QA" that is visible for only my internal QA/QC team.


                  More info here..


                  Multi-node scenario: Production deployment allowing development ‒ Qlik Sense