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    Help with set expressions

    Brian MacDonald

      I have a table of reports issued during the past 2 years or so.  I want to put a gauge in my sheet that shows the number of reports that have been produced for the current month.  Here is what I have tried...


      Count({1<Month(report_complete_date) = {Month(Today)}>} peer_ID)


      However the expression editor reports that there is an error in this function (and I also realize this will not give me the results I want yet, it will give me all reports produced in any July in my data...but it was where I started)


      The expression editor likes this expression just fine.


      Count({1<report_complete_date = {Today}>} peer_ID)


      But this will only give me reports produced today...not what I want.

      Is there some problem with using functions in set expressions?  How would I provide what I am looking for?

      Thanks in advance.