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    Filter option not working

    Archana handu

      Hello All,

                    I'm trying to implement the filter option through SenseUI Slider extension. Other than Slider, I'm implementing a drop down and on selecting a value from the dropdown, the filter should be applied. But for some reason, the filter gets applied and then clears off automatically. When I click on the "step back " button on the left top corner of Qlik sense Desktop , the option that I selected from the drop down is getting applied. For some reason, the filter option is not getting applied when I select from the drop down.

      This is the code that I use


      vars.this.backendApi.selectValues(1, chcZoneFilterVal, true);


      where chcZoneFilterVal has value : [3]


      Please find below the screenshot.



      I tried with the below option and it worked. But I'm still getting an error message.

        Line 1:    vars.this.backendApi.selectValues(1, chcZoneFilterVal, false);
         Line 2:   vars.this.selectValues(1, chcZoneFilterVal, true);

      Error message in Line 2:

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of undefined


      Please advise me on the same as this is a showstopper for our project. Any help is appreciated.