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    Using Total Value from Selection



      I'm trying to sum the value of another dimension, and put it in all rows in a calculated dimension. But, it just doesn't work properly regardless of many aggregate and sum functions I've tried. Any help would be really really appreciated.


      Table 1:

      pic 1.PNG

      Table 2:

      pic 2.PNG

      As you can see, in Table 1, the PDCN "1125P" has 0 Wholesaler Inventory. But, I tried creating a sum total function across GeneralPDCN. Essentially, when I picked the GeneralPDCN as "11251' it showed up as 652 across all the rows like in Table 1 fifth column. But, I need to do this even when I am looking at just "1125P". Table 2 is incorrect. It needs to show '652' in the fifth column with the calculation.


      In guidance and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!