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    Smart Search slow work

    Alexander Korsikov

      I discovered a nasty bug.  for unknown reasons "smart search" Works very slow.

      and Auditing log "Engine" magazine is full of error messages.

      Like this


     ;Result=6003;ResultText=Error: Function not allowed on this object in app modal mode;Result=15;ResultText=Error: Operation aborted

     ;Result=15;ResultText=Error: Operation aborted

      app;Result=15;ResultText=Error: Request aborted


      Somebody faced this problem?

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          Alexander Korsikov

          found conditions under which the problem is reproduced.

          IF using Smart Search fast type some and press enter in main windows show loading cycle and that last forever until you press esc.

          But if you type some and not press enter after a short waiting time search result appears

          • Re: Smart Search slow work
            Laurie Chan-Lam

            Hi Alexander,

            I hope the following can help you understand the logs. Let's say you are typing 'Value' in the Smart Search bar. In order to give you results as you type, Qlik Sense is searching successively for 'V', 'Va', 'Val', 'Valu', 'Value'. In order not to overall the Engine with queries, we cancel the queries that are not valid anymore ('V', 'Va', 'Val', 'Valu'). The cancellation is then listed in the Audit log.

            Is this information useful to you?