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    Erlang C

      Hello All,


      I am working on a project where I need to calculate the Erlang C.


      In excel it is easy but in qlikview it is more difficult.


      I managed to do it using variables but I cant get it to work in a table.


      Here are the variables I created to calculate the Erlang C:

      let vDen = 0;

      let vNC = 360;//Number of calls

      Let vP = 900;//Period length

      Let vT = 120;//Average call duration

      let m = 55;//Number of agent

      let tt = 30;//Target answer time

      Let u = num((($(vNC)/$(vP))*$(vT)),'#0 ');//traffic intensity


      Let vOCC = $(u)/$(m);

      Let vNUM = num(pow($(u),$(m))/fact($(m)),'#0 ');


      for i=0 to $(m)-1

      let vDen = $(vDen)+ (pow($(u),$(i))/fact($(i)));



      let vErlang = Num(vNUM/(vNUM+((1-vOCC)*vDen)),'# ##0.00%');


      In the table I am not able to calculate the vDen as I cannot create the loop in the expression tab.


      Any Idea?