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    Set a limit/filter to gauge meter

    Salamon Musayev



      I am need of help.


      I have a gauge that calculates the percentage rate of compliance.

      In my AccountCompliant Column I have 'Yes' or 'No' as my rows.

      The measure calculates where compliance is Yes/Total AccountCompliance,

      i.e 70/100  = 70 %



      My measure in Qlik Sence is as follows.

      Count({<AccountCompliant = {'Yes'}>} AccountCompliant) /Count(Total <AccountCompliant> AccountCompliant)


      Questions 1.  Is the above correct syntax or is there a better way of calculating my compliance rate?


      I also have a table with various departments.  When I select a specific department, the gauge meter will return the compliance rate for that department (which is good).


      However what I am trying to do is to have another gauge meter set to a specific department, so I can compare the specific department versus the overall compliance rate on the screen.

      Basically have the 1st gauge meters for overall department and the 2nd for a specific department,  and I really would like that when I select a different department it would only modify the 1st gauge meter and leave the 2nd set to only the specific department.


      Question 2.  Is the above possible if so, can you please help

      (also I really would like not to use the bookmark feature if possible, and currently I cant import any extensions into Qliksense). 



      Thank you,