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    Text Color Expression not working in totals of Straight Table

      Hi everyone,


      my first post/question here...


      I have an issue with totals in a straight table. In the text color expression within my 'YoY' expression,yoy.JPG I have calculated colors based on threshold values (positive = green, 0 = black, negative = red) , expression here:


      =If(($(vCSATAMS) - $(vDSATAMS))-($(vCSATL1AMS) - $(vDSATL1AMS)) <0.005 and

      ($(vCSATAMS) - $(vDSATAMS))-($(vCSATL1AMS) - $(vDSATL1AMS)) > -0.005, Black(),

      If(($(vCSATAMS) - $(vDSATAMS))-($(vCSATL1AMS) - $(vDSATL1AMS)) >0.005, Green(), LightRed()))

      Until here, everything works fine, but the totals. They are not following the text color expression and text color of total is always red, no matter if it's a positive or zero number. I have "average" in Total Mode, because with Expression Total it just doesn't show any totals.

      table.JPG totalmode.JPG

      Any suggestion here?