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    [Extension editor] substr of .qText

    Eric Hannert

      Hi com,


      i want to display an articelnumber in my chart, but the problem is that i dont want to show the first 2 digits.

      So it's like i have the number "01"43434343 and in only want to show 43434343. I dont know how to slice it.

      Maybe someone knows if there is a substring method or something.

      here a little bit of code from my js.file


      html += '>';

      html += "<div class='label'><img src='https://cdn./375Wx480H/"+dim.qText+"_01.jpg' class='image'>  "+dim.qText+"</div>";           

      html += "<div class='bar' style='width:" + Math.round(w * (meas.qNum / vmax )) + "px;min-width:38px;'>"

      html += "<div class='inner'>"+meas.qNum+"</div></div>";

      html += "</div>";


      and i want from the var in red only the digits after the second digit



      Thanks in advance