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    Running multiple sections concurrently

      Hi All,


      (My apology if it has been asked before - I'm really new to Qlik and not able to find anything relevant so far...)


      I'm currently working on a very simple data load script which load 200+ tables from SQL database. The script works but I am hoping to make it more efficient / faster by making multiple sections to run concurrently - is it possible?


      I can make them loaded concurrently by having multiple scheduled tasks, but for maintenance purpose I am hoping to have everything run under one schedule and with the same file, i.e.


      Section "Main": the main section

      Section "Data Load Concurrent 1": Table 1 - 100

      Section "Data Load Concurrent 2": Table 101 - 200


      (in this case, I want Section "Data Load Concurrent 1" and "Data Load Concurrent 2" to be run at the same time).


      Any suggestion whether it is possible will be much appreciated! Thanks!