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    Re: Default Selection from Filter Pane when App is Opened

      Hello Hannah, Michael,


      I believe I'm meeting the same issue as Hannah.

      In the previous version of Qlik Sense Desktop (2.x), saving a sheet with some selections made on filter panes, and then closing the app ( or even closing QS ) was causing the app to open again with the same selections on filter panes.


      All my customers are using this helpful feature.


      Now, since I upgraded to 3.0.2, it seems that this is no more possible, all my apps are opening with ' No selections applied'. This is really an issue, because most of the time the sheets are totally useless if no selection is done !

      ( i.e.: a report showing the level of stock of my raw material will sum up all the stock levels of the previous quarters... )

      I can't ask my customers to perform 3 or 4 filter selections on the sheets before the figures become relevant.


      How can I do that now ?

      (current workaround is using Bookmarks, but it's not the same...)


      Thank you by advance for your help