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    Filter - Select All Update

      Hello -


      I have a graph that requires multiple filters to be used; however, when the data is reloaded it messes with one of my bookmarked filters.



      I needed a filter where the following condition is met:  Ability to identify all Procedures where the Procedure is = A and the Key doesn't have multiple Procedure associated to it.



      Key   Procedure

      1     A

      2     B

      3     A

      3     B

      3     C

      4     A

      4     B

      5     C

      6     A


      In this case, I'd like for it to return






      To do this I created a Count(DISTINCT [Procedure]) as PPCount in the load script and grouped by Key.  Then I created a filter with the following expression: Aggr(Only({<PPCount = {1}, Procedure = {Screening'}>} Key), Key)


      The above expression gives me the correct list of all Keys.  Then I use the select all option and it properly gives the result i'm looking for on the bar graph. However, once I do a data reload and select the bookmark the filter is no longer selecting all Keys.  I have to clear the filter and reselect all for it to populate correctly.


      My question:  Is there a way for me to get the filter to properly update after a data load or construct the expression in a different way where a data load wouldn't mess with the bookmarked filter?