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    Calculate the amount of expression in all dimensions, except for one of the dimensions

    Михаил Сирик

      Pls, help!


      Let me have 20 dimensions (Sex, Year, Country ... etc 20 dimensions). I also have a measure of "Sales". All in a single table.

      How do I calculate the amount of expression on the "Sales", in all dimensions, except for one of the dimensions. For example, the dimension of "Sex" should be ignored (even if the user has selected). The choice of other dimensions values shall be considered.


      Like that:

      =sum({$<(ignore)Sex=”*”>} Sale)


      SalesSexYearCountry… 20




      If user choose Sex = 1 then the sum must be equal to 1200;

      If user choose Sex = 2 and Year = 2016 then the amount should be equal to 600;

      If user choose Sex = 1 and Year = 2016 and Country = USA then the amount must be equal to 100;