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    Looping Record ID

    Andrew Hurl

      Good Afternoon,


      First post on these forums as I look to expand the use of QLIK within our organization. We are in the process of importing some data from CSV, and need to identify each line in the order with a record number which isn't being provided from the data source.


      The CSV file looks like this:


      Order NumberSKULine Number
      2220799Item 1
      2220799Item 2
      2220799Item 3
      2220799Item 4
      2220799Item 5
      2220799Item 6
      2220799Item 7
      2220799Item 8
      2220799Item 9
      2221424Item 1
      2221424Item 2
      2221424Item 3


      When the import is occurring to QLIK Sense via the data load, we need to add a an ERP Line Order Number, which identifies the SKU's line number on the Order Number. EG:



      Order NumberSKULine Number
      2220799Item 11
      2220799Item 22
      2220799Item 44
      2220799Item 55
      2220799Item 66
      2220799Item 77
      2220799Item 88
      2220799Item 99
      2221424Item 11
      2221424Item 22
      2221424Item 33


      The line number relates to the position on the order, so needs to reset each time the Order Number changes.


      With other programming I would do this defining a variable within the load, but from my reading this isn't supported in QLIK.


      Any assistance in how we can achieve this would be appreciated.