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    If statement issue

      Hi All,


      I am having an issue with an if statement that should be fairly simple. I am really confused why it is not working.


      I have 2 separate statements that I need to check when they are the same. These are the 2 working statements.


      If(SubField(Matter_Interval_BA_OA_Key,'|',4) = SubField(Matter_Interval_BA_OA_Key,'|',5), 1, 0) AS BA_OA_Flag

      If(SubField(Matter_Interval_BA_OA_Key,'|',4) = Working_TK, 1, 0) AS BA_WA_Flag


      When I combined them to see where SubField(Matter_Interval_BA_OA_Key,'|',4) is equal to SubField(Matter_Interval_BA_OA_Key,'|',5) and it is also equal to Working_TK it doesn't work.


      Does anyone know what this is not working??


      Thank you!!!